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November 2018


Step 1

DollarRug.com carries a large selection of quality rugs that reflect the unique style of your home or office. We make it simple for you to choose the perfect rug for any room and then change it again in a few months when the mood strikes.

December 2018


Step 2

Our service is all about convenience. We make it easy for you to receive a brand new rug multiple times a year. Just let us know how many you want and how often, and we’ll have them delivered straight to your door.

January 2019


Step 3

Our subscription service setup makes getting your first rug simple. Just add your payment method once, and you’ll be billed at the same time every month based on the type of rug and frequency you’ve selected. You can cancel at anytime.

February 2019


Step 4

By cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer you competitively-priced, quality rugs that include FREE delivery. Just one more way, we are making our services an easy decision for you. TRY US TODAY!

March 2019


Step 5

At DollarRug.com we believe that a good thing should be shared and that recycling is a much better option than throwing it into a landfill. Everything we do at DollarRug.com revolves around making the process of getting a brand new rug simple.

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