What’s this all about?2019-03-30T17:12:33+05:30

The Dollar-a-Day Rug company believes that rugs are meant to be used and not put on display, so we’ve created an affordable service that makes this possible.

Why should I use DollarRug.com?2019-03-30T17:12:43+05:30

Benefits of the Dollar-a-Day Rug subscription service:

      • Subscriptions start as low as $8/mo
      • Cost savings are passed on by eliminating the middleman.
      • All rugs are new and suitable for even high-traffic areas.
      • No penalties for rug damage.
      • Rugs are easily recycled to reduce waste (FREE home pickup)
      • Customers can keep any subscription rug for just $1
How does DollarRug.com work?2019-03-30T17:12:55+05:30

Created to meet the demand of the savvy consumer who wants “livable fashion” for their home, DollarRug.com offers customers unique rug designs on a subscription basis with the flexibility to change the look of any room whenever the mood strikes and then recycle the rug when they are ready for a change.

      • Select size and style
      • Select frequency of rugs a year
      • Subscribe
      • Decide at the end what you want to do:  Donate or renew
I selected my items, now what?2019-03-30T17:13:25+05:30
      • Once you find items you like, place your order with a credit or debit card.
      • When we receive an order, we immediately start preparing your items for delivery, which leaves within 24 to 48 hours.
Where do the rugs come from?2019-03-30T17:13:54+05:30

We manufacture the rugs in our factory due to which cost savings are passed on by eliminating the middleman.

Is there monthly minimum for each plan length?2019-03-30T17:14:11+05:30

Nope!  Select whichever rug and however many rugs, it doesn’t matter to us.

Do you offer in-home design services?2019-03-30T17:14:26+05:30

No but we have a feature on our site, Rug Picker, which helps you select the right rug.

Where do you deliver?2019-03-30T17:14:42+05:30

We offer free delivery within USA.

What should I expect on delivery day?2019-03-30T17:15:43+05:30

Nothing! Just open the rolled rug.  Allow some time for the rug to settle and ENJOY!  Don’t worry about spills, remember we don’t’ penalize you to use the rug.

What should I do with the rug on the last day of my subscription?2019-03-30T17:05:30+05:30

Just roll up the rug and place it outside your home for pickup by local charity to whom you will be donating the rug. We take care of all the work for you.

What if I need to end my plan early?2019-03-30T17:32:17+05:30

We get it, plans change! If you need to end your subscription early, just let us know. Our prices are based on your frequency, so we will retroactively apply the new term pricing to reflect the number of months you kept your items. The day before pickup you will be charged the standard $49 plus the remaining balance (retail price).

Can I make changes to my order before delivery?2019-03-30T17:05:49+05:30

Of course! You can make order changes if it has not been shipped.

Can I subscribe for longer than one year?2019-03-30T17:07:02+05:30

As your plan comes to an end, we’ll give you the option to renew for another 12 months Alternately, you can keep your items on a month-to-month basis at the same price.

What happens at the end of my plan?2019-03-30T17:07:16+05:30

When your plan is coming to an end, you have options!

(1) Renew your plan and Donate the old rug
(2) Buy your rug for $1

What if I damage or spill something on the rug during my plan?2019-03-30T17:16:50+05:30

No Worries! There will be no extra charges regardless of how bad the stain or damage is.  We are staying close to our core values.  We don’t penalize you for using your rug

When will my card be charged?2019-03-30T17:16:37+05:30

Your credit or debit card will be charged for the first month upon checkout. Your subscription starts on the day of delivery and you’ll be charged monthly moving forward.For example, if you placed your order on the 1st, and we delivered on the 5th, “Month 1” charge will go through on the 1st (upon placing an order), and “Month 2” will be charged on the 5th of the next month (and each 5th day of the month thereafter). This ensures that you are not paying for rugs until you actually have the items in your home!

Can I get itemized receipts?2019-03-30T17:10:59+05:30

You’ll get an email notification every month for the total amount charged. If you need a breakdown in costs by item, just reach out to us at hello@dollarrug.com.

What forms of payment do you accept?2019-03-30T17:11:29+05:30

All major credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Where can I update my information?2019-03-30T17:09:01+05:30

Login to your account on dollarrug.com and update your information.

How can I reach someone?2019-03-30T17:01:55+05:30

The fastest way to reach us is via email hello@dollarrug.com 

Do you offer discounts for large / bulk orders?2019-03-30T17:01:41+05:30

We occasionally run promotions on our social channels, but for large orders or multiple apartments, please reach out to hello@dollarrug.com so we can learn more about your needs.

Do you open commercial accounts?2019-03-30T17:01:31+05:30

Yes, we have commercial high traffic accounts such as schools, offices etc.

How does this work?2019-03-30T17:00:57+05:30

DollarRug.com has partnership with most of the major non-profit organizations in USA. We contact them and the local donation center picks up the rug.

Who donates the rug?2019-03-30T17:00:10+05:30

DollarRug.com will take care of all the work and donate on your behalf.  All you have to do is roll the rug and leave it outside your home where it can be picked up by local charity.