Rugs are a great way to soften up the hardwood or tiled floor in your home, but cats can quickly wreak havoc on a rug, carpet, and anything else that’s ground level.

And while there are no perfect rugs for pet-loving homes, some options are definitely better than others.

We’ll discuss a new option to shop for rugs, some of the features that make them great choices.

Cats and Rugs: A Perilous Pairing

Cats put rugs and carpets through some pretty full-contact abuse. Some of the main ways dogs inflict harm on fiber-based flooring include:

  • Cats can track muddirt, grease and anything else through which they may collect on their paws all over your beautiful rug.
  • They can chew or tug at the threads, leading to an unraveled mess (and a serious health hazard, should your cat decide to swallow the threads).
  • Their shed fur will tend to collect on the rug, which will compromise its aesthetic appeal.
  • Cats may pee or poop on the rug, which can lead to lingering odors and unsightly spots.
  • Cats may vomit or cough up bile or hairballs on the fabric, which can lead to discoloration and more odors.
  • Rugs can serve as deposition sites for fleas.

But do not fear! there are a few things you can do to help.


While there aren’t any rugs designed explicitly for use by pet owners (at least, none that we’ve been able to find – please let us know if you are aware of any in the comments), there is an option that possesses the traits.

What if, you can have the freedom to enjoy home with your pet without any reservation? offers a simple rug subscription program that is stylish and affordable.  Change your rug every 6 months, for as low as $10 a month.  The program was created so cat owners can have an inviting home environment by eliminating the worries of dirty or damaged rugs and high cleaning bills.

A clear alternative to punishing your cat for an accident. offers many plans that suit your lifestyle. Click here to see the packages.

The rug subscription program is simple!

Step 1:  Pick the trendy rug from a large selection
Step 2:  Pick the plan (mix-n-match area rugs)

  • Get brand new rug 1 (once) a year
  • Get brand new rug every 6 months
  • Get brand new rug every 4 months
  • Get brand new rug every 3 months

Step 3:  Free Delivery to your door
Step 4:  When you receive a new rug, they will donate the used rug on your behalf.  No penalization for “using” the rug.


  • Plans start as low as $10 a month for new rug every 6 months
  • You receive brand new rugs every time and never a used one.
  • is GREEN. The rug doesn’t end up in a landfill.  They donate it on your behalf to local charity once you are done with the rug.
  • They never penalize you for “using” the rug. So, invite your best friend and have fun.
  • No middlemen! They manufacture their own rugs and sell it directly to you.
  • They offer you the peace of mind. When the time is up, they will ship you the rug that you selected, automatically.
  • They are constantly updating the inventory. You receive an update when a new design arrives.  In fact, they encourage you to get a new design from the selection.
  • You don’t need to always get the same rug every time. Mix-n-match the colors and designs from the vast selection.

Take a look at the large selection of rugs (sign up for the newsletter to receive 15% off on purchase)


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