“The things in our home shouldn’t hold us back from loving each other. They should enable us to experience more joy and bring us closer to together.”

Dollar-a-Day Rug Founders

Our Story is Your Story

Something interesting happens when you put the parent of a newborn, a pet lover and a workaholic all in the same room. Sparks begin to fly! New ideas are hashed and voilà, a new subscription service, DollarRug.com, is born! What began as a discussion between business partners over the mutual frustration with dirty rugs and high-traffic areas in the home, quickly morphed into a brainstorming session to come up with a simple solution that would fix this common problem.

DollarRug.com takes the guesswork out of creating an inviting home environment by eliminating the worries of dirty or damaged rugs and high cleaning bills. With our subscription service, you can use your rug as it was meant to be used, giving you, your kids and your pets the freedom to enjoy a new rug without reservation.

Our Core Values

At DollarRug.com we believe that life should be lived fully and shared with those you love. As industry professionals, we are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions, quality products, and superior service. Life is about enjoying the things that you have with others, and a rug shouldn’t get in the way of that enjoyment. That’s why there are no penalties for damaged rugs. We also work directly with the manufacturer, so there are no middlemen which means you get the best price, and we even make it easy for you to donate your rug when you’re done. DollarRug.com gives you the freedom to have fun, relax, and feel at home. This is the way it should be.

Our Founders

Founder # 1 / Marketing

Father to a Newborn

Doctors encourage babies to crawl, but his wife didn’t want the baby to crawl on areas that were germ-infested. This included their living room area rug and bedroom carpeting which didn’t leave much crawling space for the baby. No matter how detailed his wife was when cleaning their area rug or carpet she would always find something there. She loved the idea of having a shag rug, but the Father to a Newborn long strands of fabric hid plenty of dirt and germs that are unsafe for a baby, especially in high-traffic areas. Replacing their rugs often would remove much of the worry of providing a cleaner environment for the baby to crawl.

Founder # 2 / Chief Designer

The Pet Lover

After a long and stressful day, she wanted to play with her dog inside the house especially when it was brutally cold outside. However, she hated the idea of dog hair all over the house especially in the living room where the family spent most of their time. She also wasn’t comfortable inviting too many guests over with dog hair all over her couch and area rug. The ability to replace her rugs regularly would eliminate much of her frustration.

Founder # 3 / Operations

The Workaholic

Both the husband and wife worked long hours and didn’t have time to update their home. They knew they needed a style update, but as busy professionals, they wanted an easy solution for decorating their home that didn’t require too much effort. The idea of a subscription service was the perfect fit.